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Question: How do I download my completed files?
Answer: Use the ORDERS pull down menu to View Completed Orders; click the design name for the files that you want to download. When the page opens the finished files are located in the lower right hand corner under COMPLETED FILES. To download, left click the link of the file name - and then use the Save File prompt from your internet browser, this will put the files on to your computer.
Question: What is a Quote / Order Alert?
Answer: An alert is a message is like an email but it is attached to your quote or order so that the information is on file and can be referenced by you, the production team or customer service. When an alert is created either by you to give us information or by production asking a question, and when you reply back to an alert an email is sent to you.
Question: How do I respond to an Order Alert?
Answer: The alert email will contain the order reference number; login to your account and either use the ORDERS pull down to View All Orders, select the order reference number, when the order form opens click the button for Show Alert History located at the top of the form. The other access to your alerts is by using the SEARCH pull down to SHOW ALERTS, in this list the most recent alert message is at the top of the list – click the magnifying glass to the left of the design name and open the message. Once you have the alert window open, review the message and then to respond click the REPLY button, this will open a window where you can type back your response, there is a button where you can upload a file, or multiple files if needed, when you are done and ready to send the message click the SAVE button located at the bottom left of the page.
Question: What is the difference between an Order Alert and a Rework Order?
Answer: An Order Alert is created when you need a correction or modification to a design that does not require re-punching or re-drawing of the original file. When you create an alert there is no new charges for the requested modifications. A Rework Order is used when you are making changes to the file that alter from the original order, such as size changes, text changes or major changes that were not requested with the original order. Please check the Pricing Information located in your Profile to determine the charges with a Rework Order.
Question: How do I create a Rework Order?
Answer: From the ORDERS pull down menu select View Completed Orders. From the list find the order that you need reworked and click the link on the right side for Rework Order. This will open a new order form; be sure to check the Preferred Delivery Time; change any size information necessary, and put in the instructions specifically what you need to have changed. If you do not need to submit new artwork, be sure to check the box that “This order does not require artwork.” When finished, click Submit.
Question: How do I change the delivery time on an order?
Answer: From the ORDERS pull down menu select View All Orders. From the list select the order that you need changed. Scroll to the bottom of the order and select the button for Post Alert. A new window will open, in the Subject line type: Change Delivery Date, then in the message field type in what you need the delivery date changed to.
Question: How do I submit a design for a quote?
Answer: From the QUOTES pull down menu select the link for either: Submit Embroidery Quote – or – Submit Artwork Quote. Fill in the information form the request form. Please note that you can now upload more than one image if necessary for your quote, BUT each individual design must be submitted on separate quote request forms – we cannot combine artwork on a single quote request. The exception to this is for Vector Artwork, for example you need multiple logos drawn for the back of a fundraising t-shirt – for this type of work please contact Customer Service so that a quote for bulk pricing can be given.
Question: How do I convert my quote to an order?
Answer: Once you have received your quote notification, return to the website and under the QUOTES pull down menu and select the link for View Quotes. From the list, select the quote that you want to view and review the estimated stitch count and pricing. If you choose to order this design, click the button on the bottom right for Convert To Order. This will open a new order form with all of your quote information, all you have to do is finish filling in the blanks on the order form, be sure to click the box in the Art File Information that this order does not require artwork, as production will use the artwork provided with the quote request.
Question: What is a Design Profile?
Answer: If you consistently place the same information on the order form then a design profile provides the advantage that you can set profiles so that you access the pull down menu and click Use Design Profile. This will fill in the blanks on the order form so that you don’t have to choose each selection every time. You can fill in as much or as little information on the profile as needed, you can make as many profiles as you like. Please contact Customer Service if you need assistance in setting up Design Profiles.
Question: How do I change information in my Profile?
Answer: From the MY ACCOUNT pull down menu, choose View My Profile. If you need to make changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Edit button. This will allow you to make any changes necessary to your personal information. Please note that your User Name cannot be changed once it’s been entered in the database.
Question: What is a “Pending Order” Status?
Answer: When you place an order you have the option to “Review This Order”, this is a button at the bottom of the order form. This button “Saves” the order form but does not submit it to production. If you use this feature you will notice that the order will be in a 00.Pending Order status – which means we did not receive the order and we are not working on it. To move a Pending Order to production, open the order form – scroll to the bottom and click Submit – this will finish the order form and move it to the production process. Please note – when submitting any quote or order – it is a good idea to always use the View All Quotes or View All Orders pull down menu to check and make sure that what you have submitted is showing at the top of the list – if you can see it in your list – then production can see it in theirs.
Question: How can I get a copy of an Invoice?
Answer: Use the SEARCH pull down to Show Invoices – when the page opens all of your orders are shown in date delivered order. Click the magnifying glass to the right of the Design Name, this will open the invoice and you can print it from the website.
Question: What is Advanced Search?
Answer: Under the SEARCH pull down menu there is a choice for Advanced Search. When you use this feature you can type in the portion of any design name – click the Document Type box that you want to search and click the GO button – All document types with your keyword selection will be displayed. If you know part of a keyword, for example the word “hope” - use the * symbol before and after the word - *hope* and click Go – then all documents containing any portion of that word will be displayed.